Treatment for Traumatic Neuropathy

Traumatic Neuropathy: Why It Happens

It’s common to see people suffering from traumatic neuropathy after undergoing procedures such as surgeries, injections and the like. It also comes after injuries or accidents and damages the nerves. This prevents sufferers from returning to their regular activities because they are unable to walk. Neuropathy due to surgeries happens because of the fact that there are nerves which have been affected by the operation.

Many times this type of neuropathy is treated with surgery. There are procedures where the nerves which affect movement are removed. These candidates for removal affect the surrounding ligaments and hinder the body’s normal processes. There are also other types of surgeries that patients with this case can undergo. Unfortunately, because these are focused on the nervous systems, there are a lot of risks involved.

Traumatic Neuropathy: How to Recover From It

A safer way to treat traumatic neuropathy is through complete rehabilitation. There are many institutions which offer services for physical therapy to those who have lost the ability to walk. These places also help prevent further damage caused by the neuropathy. By doing specific exercises, the body’s muscles which have been idle for a time can be exercised and the body’s circulation will be normalized, helping refuel damaged nerves.

There are also electrical therapies which can be used to stimulate the recovery of the affected areas. Take note, this may help the healing process but not speed it up. Cases like these take a few months to be completely all right. Aside from these, there are also other medications which can be taken by patients to help them with their movement.

Of course, the most important here is to have follow up treatments with the doctor. With their help, they’ll be able to monitor your progress and advise you to take certain medications or continue some methods. Traumatic neuropathy happens but just like any other type, they’re curable.