Choosing the right aluminum toe tent for Neuropathy patients

aluminum toe tent for neuropathy patients

Treating diabetic neuropathy takes special care and attention. Even the smallest of details, such as temperature, moisture and the introduction of external elements need to be taken into consideration. After all, this condition is of the sensitive type – a sudden change in the climate can induce pain to set in. It is a stinging, irritating numb feeling that needs to be addressed in the most efficient manner.

Even sleep can be hard for people with this condition. Diabetics have been noticed to have their feet as the main target, wherein just the touch of a blanket can result in numbing pain. To make things worst, taking away the bedsheets only worsens the problem – no one wants to sleep in the cold and a higher temperature will eventually sting a diabetic’s feet.

That is why an aluminum toe tent can be a diabetic’s best friend. It is basically a long aluminum casing mounted at the foot of one’s bed, with one side open for the feet to slip in. True, it may look like an unconventional fixture for one’s sleeping area, but its bulky appearance hides tons of benefits. Let us check some of the best reasons why this awesome fixture can help patients of this paralyzing condition from suffering:

Design – This metallic casing is just how its name looks and works like. It houses the feet from sudden changes of temperature, without the use of sheets to cover one’s skin. The comfort is as equal – and in some cases, even more – with having one’s limbs wrapped in a blanket. Best of all, the casing is stretched to cover the lower part of the bed, enabling the patient to sleep in any position he or she prefers.

Protection – Aside from protecting patients from sudden drops and rises of temperature, this fixture’s set-up also provides over-all protection from other external factors. The feet is kept safe within the housing, keeping objects that may fall over on the bed to safely bounce off from it. The spacious yet controlled area within the housing allows one’s feet to avoid being affected from temperature-changing elements. Also, the spacious feel of this apparatus gives patients a sense of security – a much needed trait for one’s recovery.

More than a treatment, a neuropathy aluminum toe tent provides a safe and practical alternative for diabetics. This fixture allows patients to bring back the experience of an actual good night’s sleep. By taking out the pain-inducing factors of external elements, a feeling of calmness, relaxation and security is brought in. This in turn makes diabetics (where most have a pessimistic view of life) more confident in hoping for a better day. Consider having such a fixture installed in your homes today.